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AVID = “Advancement Via Individual Determination”

AVID is a program that prepares students for four-year college eligibility. HGA is proud to offer as an elective at the intermediate level.

 Student Goals:

  1. Academic success in middle school/high school/college preparatory classes.

  2. Successful completion of high school/college eligibility requirements.

  3. Enrollment in four-year college or university after high school graduation.

    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes.

    2. Maintain the AVID binder contents including, but not limited to, assignment sheets and Cornell notes.

    3. Complete all homework assignments and commit to a minimum of two hours of homework each night.

    4. Maintain a grade of 80% (or 2.5) or higher in all classes.

    Benefits of the AVID program include:

    • Ongoing Mentoring—The AVID teacher serves as a college advisor tracking the progress of each student towards college.  Progress reports are used to track student performance.

    • The AVID Counselor—All AVID students are monitored and supported by counselors assigned to the program.

    • Academic Support—College tutors are paid to come into the AVID class and work with our students, helping them to become independent learners. Help with AP And Honors courses!

    • “College Going” Environment—The atmosphere in the class is motivating and students encourage each other to strive for their goals.

    • College Visits—All students are exposed directly to the colleges via campus visits.

    • Guest Speakers—Students are exposed to various careers and the college life through the participation of guest speakers from various colleges and professional fields.

    • Leadership and Community Service—Students are required to be involved on campus, establish leadership roles, participate in community service.

    • Test Prep—Students are given direct support with critical exams; SAT, ACT, College Placement Test, etc.      

    • College and Financial Aid Process—Starting the Junior Year, but primarily during senior year, students are given direct support in applying for scholarships and completing the financial aid process.  Also, the students are monitored and supported in the college application process.

    90% of AVID students are accepted into a four year university!

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